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CANADA SPECIFIC: FDA Winery Registration Number

NOTE: This is not strictly necessary for sending your wines to our Canada-only judging, however if your wine happens to receive a gold medal, the remaining unopened bottles will then need to be "imported" into the United States by us to be compared with other gold-medal winners to be eligible for Superlative Awards. Without this number, we cannot bring your wines across the border for final evaluation. Having this number also helps you to send your wines directly to our US-based judging sessions, which would guarantee Superlative consideration in the event of a gold medal. 
The Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002: 
To all wineries outside the United States: You will need to register as a "food facility" with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to obtain a "FURLS" (Electronic Registration & Listing System) number which, in turn, must be used to clear U.S. Customs and allow the wine to enter the United States, whether for sale or for competition purposes. 
This process is FREE OF CHARGE and may be completed online at the FDA website. Please note this number must be renewed biennially (every 2 years), or it will expire. 
The FDA simply needs this information to locate and interview company principals if there is ever a question of possible contamination of the product. Compliance with this new legislation is required by U.S. law. Be sure the company information in your FDA/FURLS application matches the information on your competition entry. Be certain that your broker/importer or customs agent is working in compliance with the Bioterrorism Act to obtain and use your FDA "FURLS" number on all documentation related to importing your wine and sending it to our consolidation points. If you need assistance obtaining a U.S. FDA "FURLS" number, please contact us for assistance. We are a licensed wine importer in the US and can act as your agent if needed. 
US FDA Registration Number, for US Customs Purposes. Preferred, but not required. 


Additional comments, Other Technical Data, Special Instructions, etc. Please limit to one line. 
Please do not publicize awards below SILVER. While we allow this, we remind entrants how hard even a Bronze can be to obtain. 
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